Belco Messenger Beta

We've build a totally chat widget from the ground up with focus on mobile performance. The BETA can now be installed manually with the new Javascript snippet and we also have new BETA plugins for Magento and Magento 2

Javascript snippet BETA

To run the new BETA widget on your site you need to add a new load script to your website. The APIs haven't changed and can be found here.

window.belcoConfig = {
  shopId: '[your-shop-id]'
!function(n,o){var e=window.belcoFunction||"Belco";window[e]||(window[e]=function(n){if(void 0===window[e][n])throw new Error("Unknown method");return window[e][n].apply(window[e],,1))}),window[e]._q=[];for(var i=["init","sync","track","page","open","close","toggle","on","once","off","anonymousId","customer","reset","sendMessage"],t=function(n){return function(){var;return o.unshift(n),window[e]._q.push(o),window[e]}},w=0;w<i.length;w++){var r=i[w];window[e][r]=t(r)}window[e].load=function(e){if(!n.getElementById("belco-js")){var i=n.createElement(o);i.async=!0,"belco-js",i.type="text/javascript",i.src="//",i.onload=function(n){"function"==typeof e&&e(n)};var t=n.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];t.parentNode.insertBefore(i,t)}},window.belcoConfig&&window[e].load(function(){window[e]("init",window.belcoConfig)})}(document,"script");

Magento 1.9 BETA

Composer version code: v0.7.2-beta

Magento 2 BETA

Composer version code: v0.3.0-beta

WordPress / WooCommerce BETA

Lightspeed BETA

Please contact us to enable the beta widget on your Lightspeed webshop.

Updated 2 months ago

Belco Messenger Beta

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